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Dustless Sanding System
Wood Door Restoration 

Door refinishing and restoration is completed on-site with dust-free sanding equipment. We do not remove your doors from the premises. The doors are sanded and refinished at your home and rehung each afternoon during the restoration process. We sand to bare wood, stain, and coat with marine polyurethane with a light sanding between coats for a silky smooth finish. 30 years of experience!

WE DO NOT USE GEL-STAIN - If you get a bid that includes gel-stain for a door restoration, run the other direction! 

Call MIKE - THE DOOR GUY -  615-522-1009 Cell 

Doors refinshed on Skidaway Island - The Landings

Sanded to Bare Wood


Restoration In Process

thumbnail (22).jpg

Stain Applied - Ready for Polyurethane

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