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Dustless Sanding System
Wood Door Restoration 

Door refinishing and restoration is completed on-site with dust-free sanding equipment. We do not remove your doors from the premises. The doors are sanded and refinished at your home. We hand-scrape the detailed wood reveals and machine sand the flat areas to bare wood, stain, and coat with marine polyurethane with a light sanding between coats for a silky smooth finish. 30 years of experience!

WE DO NOT USE GEL STAIN - If you get a bid that includes gel stain for a door restoration, STOP! Gel stain was not created for use on bare wood. 

Call MIKE - THE DOOR GUY -  615-522-1009 Cell 

Doors refinshed on Skidaway Island - The Landings

Sanded to Bare Wood


Restoration In Process

thumbnail (22).jpg

Stain Applied - Ready for Polyurethane

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